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25th april DHARAM VEER writen update

They are walking together when dharam asks shera where she learnt to do such nice kalabazi, veer says mujhe yeh rajkumari kaam ek daku zyada lagti hai, shera warns dharam that control ur borther or I will kill him, veer says see she even talks like a daku.

Veers spots some men with lighted torch and they run from there, jai also sees them and jai and sainik start running behind them. While running dharam and veer shera become separated, jai is getting close to dharam when veer throws a stone and diverts jai. Then dv spot one gufa and go inside it. Jai sees footprints outside the guffa and thinks they must be there so they enter the guffa and start searching. Here they show all three shera dharam and veer hanging from the ceiling. The sainiks unable to find them leave from there to go and search them in the jungle.

Dv and shera jump and decide to rest for some time in the gufa itself till jai gets tired and leaves from there. Shera again ties the cloth to veers hand and sasy that next time she will die only, so veer makes fun of her and says that kya rajkumari ananya ko darr bhi lagta hai, shera gets offended and goes and complains to dharam that see I am trying to talk to him nicely and still he is behaving rudely with me. Dharam so tells veer to talk with shera pyar se till they are all together. Veer says pyar se aur ese, daku ki devi lagti hai.

Jai spots some blood on his clothes and realizes that dv are in the guffa only so again go back there. Dv hearing jais voice run from there and go to the jungle. Here charusena spots them. One sainik asks him if he has seen anything and charusena says that nahin yahan koi nahin hai and sends the sainiks in the opposite direction. Dharam and veer are very touched and all three get up and run away from there. After they leave charusena says that bhagwan tumhe vijayi kare.

Here jai is angry to know that dv have escaped and fears that maybe they will reach agni so leaves from there.

Nivriti is praying to mataji, she is remembering jai bringing the news about dv and the head telling that veer will be punished seriously. She says that mata mere bachon ki raksha karna, what have they done that u taking such imtihan of them. I cant bear all this more.

Dv and shera are running in the jungle. Veer asks shera where the bala nadi is so shera says rajkumar veer ananya se madat mang raha hai, veer gives her a look so she says ok chalo. They all jump over a stump of the tree. Veer jumps the highest.

Jai comes to the rajya sabha and tells them that dv have killed chandersingh. The head asks why they would kill chandersingh. Jai says to know about the hidden places so that they can hide. The head is angry and says that now they have to be stopped. Jai says they must have gone to balinadi. The head says we will take the whole army and go there. Maharaj also accepts this. Jai is very happy.

Dv and shera are running when, shera trips and falls down. Veer gives her his hand to help her up but she refuses and says balanadi. Veer gives her a look. They go forward and then shera again trips and falls down some hill but hold onto a root, veer tells her to give her his hand and while coming up shera falls on top of him. They are having an eye lock when that kabab main hadi dharam calls out to veer. Veer is very confused about what happened just now but shakes his hand and moves forward. They reach that place and veer says they will have to search the place thoroughly to find any clues about agni.

Agni is practicising sword fighting with someone and kills that guy. One guy comes and tells him that rajkumar agni, agni gets angry and keeps his sowrd on his neck. The guy tells him maharaj agni. Agni says remember this to call me maharaj agni always. He asks the guy what is the news on dv. The guy replies that dv have not been captured as yet. Agni then thinks he should run away from there. But the guy reminds him of jais instruction of not to move from there. Agni aks the guy that u remember na what u have to do if I am found. The guy replies yes and leaves from there. Agni thinks this is all because of veer if he had not rescued dharam agni wouldn’t have to be afraid of being alive.

Dv and shera are roming the area with the map but cant find the gufa, then veer remembers how the other one was also hidden underground so they all three start poking the area with a stick. Veer finds the opening and they all go inside

Here the head with jai and saniks has reached balanadi.

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thaks for this i was looking for the videos but i am happy that atleast i got to know that what happned